Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Heylooo!! (Sorry for the weirdness its my new word!)
It's The Pre-teen Princess here coming to your call...

So today's 'post' (ooo i just lovee saying that!) is going to be about YEP you've guessed it : FrIeNds.vs.Haterz!!!

Most of you will be thinking 'I have like 100% knowledge on Haters and friends' but then you really think about it 'what are friends and haters?' well now is your time to find out. this is what the public think...

'MummaG' says 
A friend is someone that encourages you in both your good and bad times and allows you to encourage them in theirs, also they're like an extended part of your family.
 P.S when asked if she wanted to talk about haters 'MummaG' responded: Nahh, not interested in haterz.
Me: ohh how sweet! btw a daughter is a mother's best friend righhttt!!

'Lil miss Aish' says
'A friend is someone that will be there for you till the end'
'A hater is someone that will hate on you till the end'
Me: Simple,Clear and precise. What more can you ask?!

'KayKay' says
A person who noes you inside out & supports & stands up for you no matter what'
Me: OMG how beauts! brings a tear to my eye!x

'Emily' Also known as: MooCow! Dinosaur! Em! says
'Well i believe a hater is who hates upon and a friend is someone who's there, and is there and therrrrrrrrre'
Me: I see! friends are like well yanoee alwayss therreee!!!!

'Helena' Also known as : Happyhorse Pingumaer! Helsz! says
'Well a friend is someone who is there for you, who you like and they like you and a hater is someone who just talk about u, screws u and just has nothing better to do but hate you'
Me: Perfect explanation...rightteoo?!

Pre Teen Princess:
Well i know everyone is probably waiting for my definition of 'haters and friends' but I don't believe there will ever be a real definition for them so this time I'm just going to say these wise words:  Haters are just poor,confused people so dont let them faze you and ...friends?! they are people that know you in a way nobody else does so keep them and don't lose the true one's!x  
My Mum is the best friend i'll ever have!!x
here's some pics of me and friends!......( if your not here i still love u)
The bestest friend of all!x

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

SWAG:Own it !x

Helloo to the blogging world!

First a fact file on me...             

Name:Pre-teen Princess
Goal: to improve and increase my kowledge on writing and blogging!

Now onto the hardcore stuff! Recently everyone has been talking about 'SWAG' and when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE from Cher Lloyd with her hit single 'Swagger Jagger' to Keyshia Cole's 'Turn My Swag On' but here's the BIG question...

What is SWAG?!

Now I know I may sound Old or Out of the scene but that's definately Not it.  This question has been running through my brain numerously and now hopefully I have found the solution to all these mad assumptions; so here's what the public said...

1. 'MummaG' Says

SWAG is an attitude of convidence and positivity expressed through clothing and appearance.
Me:Well this comment sounds about right to me but lets go on to the next one...

2. 'Kez' Says

Okay so basically i think SWAG is when someone wears like snapbacks and like dress really 'swag' like cher lloyd and drake has swag idk how to explain it's like all about someones appearance and how they dress x
Me: Sounds great, i believe Cher Lloyd is a perfect example

3. 'Katya' Says

SWAG is um......A following of a way of being.
Me: What?! Ok then Katz as much as i love you that opinion is a slight bit strange...*silence*

4. 'Internet' Says                                                                                                       
If it's a term like,"you've got SWAG or SWAGGER" it means you've got style or a sexual appeal to people.
Me: Can't argue with Google!

Now for my Opinion on the No.1 Subject: SWAG

5. 'Pre-teen Princess' Says

SWAG?! Well It's hard to explain but after recieving the fab comments I believe SWAG is a way of expressing your self,showing your feeling through your clothes and facial expressions! Basically SWAG is whatever YOU want it to be. You put your own twist on it. SWAG is YOURS!x